We design and develop complex, scalable and secure enterprise systems

EXAWA Ltd is a young Software Development company built by individuals with years of professional experience in designing and developing large-scale enterprise software solutions as well as IT security.

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We specialize in building Enterprise Software systems and Applied Software Security

Over 30 years of combined professional experience in building demanding systems in areas such as Financial Services, High Tech Industries, IT Security, Identity and IoT help us tackle any challenge.

Software Development

  • We develop complete solutions from the ground up - or help you build them
  • We can provide you with software for all your requirements - from a robust, reliable and highly scalable backend system to intuitive and engaging end-user apps
  • Our approach covers the entire Project Lifecycle - from initial analysis and documentation to implementation and beyond


  • We can help you build better, maintainable, expandable and secure products, as well as establish a sustainable, optimized and effective software development lifecycle process
  • High level certifications, such as Oracle Java Enterprise Architect Master, help us build customer confidence and ensure top quality. Certifications such as Certified Scrum Master help us generate a better, more productive and agile environment.
  • Years of experience in complex environments, various business domains, utilizing cutting-edge technology, help us provide you with the best approach to a challenge

Software Security

  • We don't just talk about security, we actively use it and embed it into all our products, as well as develop full security architectures for others
  • High levels of security are standard in all our software, in line with norms, standards and legislation you need to comply with
  • We help you define and build your security architecture. Using best practices in software security, we consider features such as full auditing, data encryption, PKI integration, user identity and privacy management standard
  • Black-box and white-box security testing of all our products is something we welcome


Find out more about some of our products

Signum Enterprise Crypto Platform

Signum Enterprise Crypto Platform

A unique product aiming to improve Data Asset Protection and Integration Security in modern enterprises

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Signum Sign

Signum Sign

Remote Digital Signature Server

Features include fully remote document signing with QES and QSCD support

Built for eIDAS (EU Digital Single Market), Signum Sign supports EU eID and allows remote creation of Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES) in an easy, user-friendly way


ePotpis.hr (Croatian)

Remote Qualified Electronic Signature Service

Built to simplify and improve e-business environment and use of Advanced Electronic Signatures in Croatian market

Cloud-based solution, supporting both Web UI and API integration




Face Detection and Automatic Image Processing library

Intended for use in closed and secure environments, such as registration offices (no external server or library is required)

Features automated photo processing (Cropping and Centering, as well as DPI, Height and Width correction for printing)

Technology Stack

We use modern, future-proof technology and proven frameworks to build our software

Java EJB Spring JPA Hibernate Microservices SQL NoSQL

Backend services

Our primary workhorse is Java, on which we base most of our products

We utilize Java EE, Spring, microservices and various custom approaches to build the most effective and reliable solutions.

All products are database and environment agnostic, optimized to achieve maximum performance.

jQuery Angular iOS Android React JSF HTML5 Vaadin Bootstrap PHP Kendo Java SE

Client Components

We work with several different presentation frameworks, from component based, such as JSF and Vaadin, to fully javascript-oriented Angular or React. For scenarios with increased diversity, we build custom components and utilize different technologies such as PHP-based web interfaces, vanilla JS and jQuery.

Modern solutions often require several different client components. This is why we build native apps for Android and iOS, HTML5, as well as more traditional desktop solutions.

Presentation is not only about technology, it is about usability. We make sure our apps have intuitive and appealing UI and UX.

Web Services SOA MQ JMS Tomcat JBoss Websphere REST Databases

Integration and Deployment

We are experienced in multi-system integration and various deployment scenarios

Our software is running on different Java EE compliant servers, on both Linux and Windows environments. WildFly, WebSphere, GlassFish, or Tomcat for Spring-driven solutions.

Depending on scenario specifics, we integrate software by utilizing Web Services - SOAP or Rest, Message Queues, or databases via distributed transactions.